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Finding the perfect locksmith for all your locks and keys issues is a rather daunting task. Local locksmiths have fewer services to offer, carry out-of-use equipment, and take ages to solve your queries. Instead of wasting your hard earned money on firms like these, choose Orlando Locksmith Store that has been a leader in this industry ever since it started. We offer the best locksmiths in Orlando FL, and are known for our fast services. Apart from providing residential and commercial locksmith services, we are also the leaders in providing assistance as the best car locksmith in Orlando. We operate round-the-clock as a locksmith in downtown Orlando, which means you can call us anytime you need. While the existing firms levy a hefty charge for their low quality services, Orlando Locksmith Store is a cheap locksmith in Orlando that delivers outstanding services without compromising on the quality. Dial 407-548-0649 and talk to our experts to know more about our services.

We offer on-site key creation, install high-grade security systems, maintain locks, rekey locks, setup master key system, assist in case of lockouts etc. Whatever your issue may be, we have a solution for every problem.

About us

We came into existence a decade ago, and have been the most preferred locksmith service provider in the state of Florida ever since. When we came to this industry, the then-leaders of this industry were getting by somehow by providing low quality locksmith services and charging a hefty amount for the same. Orlando Locksmith Store wanted to tackle this issue by making sure that quality locksmiths in Orlando FL are available for all. We understood the needs of the local community, and took measures accordingly which made us the must-go brand in Orlando. We have professional locksmiths in our team who are handpicked and are trained to turn them into the experts they are, which is why our locksmiths are capable of handling any lock, be it traditional or present day advanced tech. From A to Z, you can count on us for a wide range of services!

Why choose Orlando Locksmith Store?

From solving car lockout emergencies, to installing high-grade security systems for different businesses and households, we are the best locksmiths in downtown Orlando. But where do we really stand out? Here's why people love us:

24-hour professional services:

We don't just offer our services during regular hours but also service the customers during odd hours as well. Orlando Locksmith Store has a large team of experts to deal with the late night emergencies and other problems. We are always up and running, and are not like those locksmiths who shut down once the sun goes down. Along with the flexibility of calling us any time 24/7 you also get the assurance of getting the best prices. The quality of service remains the same no matter what time the clock ticks.

We put you first:

We don't add a heavy price tag on providing late night resolutions and taking up other sophisticated jobs. Our prices remain affordable and come with a fixed tag, irrespective of when and where you call us. Unlike our competitors, we don't put business first, but instead, make customer our first priority. Everything that we do and provide, is built around you, and thus our prices remain low, and our quality of service, top-notch.


Automotive locksmith services

There is a dire need of a reliable car locksmith in Orlando and we say this while backing it with relevant facts. Most of the calls we receive are from people who have been locked out from their car, and are in a far, deserted location. During such times, you need professional locksmiths who will reach you no matter where you are in and around the city. If you have driven out to an unfamiliar neighborhood, and suddenly your car locked jammed or your car key is broken into the ignition, or you're facing a jammed trunk, no need to worry. Just call Orlando Locksmith Store and we will offer the quickest resolution to your distress call at a nominal price.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Car lockout emergency assistance.
  • Broken your car lock? We can fix it.
  • On-site car lock replacement
  • Vehicular locks rekeying.
  • Car transponder key assistance.
  • Car door and trunk unlocking without damaging the locks.
  • On-spot spare key creation.
  • Recovering broken car key from ignition.
  • Advanced vehicle locks installation.
  • High-grade security key creation
  • Transponder key cutting.

Residential locksmith services

Home security is something everyone is very cautious about. We never leave our homes unlocked for even a single day, then why compromise with the efficiency of your home locking system? Orlando Locksmith Store is here to deliver professional locksmiths in Orlando FL, who will satisfy all your lock and key related concern in a jiffy. Our team of trained locksmiths can provide high-security locking solutions to your home. We offer solutions such as high-grade secure locking system installation, rekeying of old locks, repairing jammed lock without damaging the door, checking the efficiency of pre-installed locking system, and assistance in case of emergency lockout from the house. All these services are provided by professionally trained locksmiths, who hold substantial experience.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Round-the-clock support and services.
  • Residential lockout support.
  • On site key cutting services.
  • Advanced locks installation.
  • Maintaining the existing locking system.
  • System including master keys.
  • Lock changes offered overnight.
  • Secure locking system installation and maintenance.
  • Peephole and deadbolt installation.
  • Eviction locksmith service
  • Door repairing assistance and garage lock installation.

Commercial locksmith services

Technology and competition has made it even more important for businesses to take their security seriously. Hiring an amateur firm to take care of your commercial locking needs won't cut it. Orlando Locksmith Store is a leading name in the industry, with over a decade worth of experience with installation and maintenance of high-grade lock and security solutions. Apart from being a cheap locksmith in Orlando, we also provide effective and efficient locksmith solutions for businesses. We work during your non-working hours so that the productive time of the day is not affected at all. From schools, colleges, malls, apartments, to even small or big scale businesses, we have provided best assistance to different commercial bodies and have earned a reputation for ourselves.

Here’s what we offer

  • High-grade security system installation.
  • Key cutting services – basic and complex.
  • Rekeying locks.
  • Installation of magnetic locks.
  • Installing and maintaining master key systems.
  • Lock replacement for the entire office.
  • Installing restricted keyways.
  • Jammed file cabinet locks assistance.
  • Safe installation
  • Keyless access
  • Push bar installation
  • Cabinet lock repairing.

Emergency locksmith services

Nothing could be worse than finding yourself locked out of your vehicle in the middle of nowhere. Or maybe getting locked out from your home at late night. Other locksmith providers do not provide emergency services, and even if they do, the service charges for emergency assistance would be enough to fire a hole in your pocket. However, we, at Orlando Locksmith Store, don't take unusual advantage of people stuck at emergencies, and provide them all the assistance they need as soon as possible. We also offer the quickest service and are the best locksmiths in downtown Orlando. Holidays, weekends, and odd hours are no excuse for us to take a day off from work as we are available 24/7

Here’s what we offer

  • 24/7, round-the-clock support.
  • Quickest home/office lockout assistance.
  • On-spot rekeying.
  • On-spot lock installation.
  • Jammed lock resolution without damaging the lock.
  • Car lockout emergency.
  • Jammed car trunk resolution.
  • On-site key creation.
  • Repairing jammed locks on spot.
  • Overnight high-grade security lock installation.

Orlando Locksmith Store is a well-known locksmith firm you can trust in the state of Florida. Call us on 407-548-0649 and our experts will get in touch with you to solve your lock and key troubles!


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